• From the dropdown menu, pick the civic / citizens association you want to see on the map or click on the map for the civic association you want to use.
  • Select a property by clicking on it. The property will turn yellow, indicating that it is "deleted"
  • Property details are listed below on the table. Estimates of the amount of revenues and spending associated with that property are provided.
  • Estimates are based on the Arlington Analytics Model of Arlington. These are approximations.
  • Select the property a second time, it turns blue. The property is removed from the list below.
  • Create a list of new properties using the commands at the bottom. Use these options to "redevelop" your deleted properties.
  • Use this as a tool to see assessments in your neighborhood. Just click on the property, and the historical assessment data pops up in a tooltip window!
  • This is raw data from Arlington county. It has not been cleaned for use like it has been for the full Arlington Model. Some properties may have inaccurate or misleading statistics associated with them.
  • For example, many apartment builds are spread out over multiple parcels. However, the county often lists the total number of apartment units with only one of those properties and lists zero units. When running the full Arlington Model, Arlington Analytics tries to correct for these inconsistencies, but these issues are not addressed with this tool.
  • Properties generating no assessment income (typically exempt) often do not contain any other accurate information about the property, which may lead to misleading estimates of spending and revenue effects from redevelopment.
  • The spending and revenues are for the general and school funds, they do not include other funds like utilities or transportation, which have their own budgets and are mostly self-funded with various taxes and fees not modeled here.

   Selected Properties Marked for Deletion:

   New Properties:

New Property Code: This is the property code that will be assigned to your new development. When you add a property, this number is incremented by one. If you select a property code that is already in use below, that property gets removed from the list (use this feature to "delete" mistakes).

Planning Unit: Select the school planning unit in which your property will be built. This can have an impact on the spending required for the property. Properties around Columbia Pike may generate additional students compared to similar properties elsewhere in the county, which generates more spending. Note, if a property is deleted from the map above, this planning unit option is set to be the same as the one that was deleted above.

Type: This is the type of property that is being developed. Not all types of properties are available for development.

Units / Sq. Ft.: Number of units for apartments, condos, and hotels. Square feet for commercial and office space. If building type is a townhome, duplex, or detached single-family home, this option is ignored.
Civic: Select the civic association in which your property will be built. This has a strong impact on the assessed value of the new development, but does not typically affect other options. Note, if a property is deleted from the map above, this civic association option is set to be the same as the one that was deleted above.

Bedrooms: Number of bedrooms for condos, detached single-family homes, townhomes, and duplexes. This option is ignored for any other building type.