• Select the year from the dropdown menu at the top.
  • Also select whether you want to sort by issue (when the money was borrowed) or by maturity (when the money is owed).
  • Click on the blue bar to expand or collapse.
  • Total assets are broken up into three funds: general, school, and utility.
  • Click on the fund you want to examine to get details on the issues. Click a second time to collapse the fund.
  • Expand too many parts of the tree, and the bottom of the list may disappear. Just close elements of the existing tree, and those items will reappear.
Notes / Sources
  • Data sources: 2014 through present Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.
  • Most of the assets are callable: Arlington may be allowed to repay the bond or loan in advance of its maturity.
  • Interest, which is yearly, is approximate and is based on payments over an entire calendar year. If the bond matures before the end of the year, the interest payment may be smaller because there is not a full year's worth of interest due.
  • If the notes say that the coupon is variable the interest payment may change from year to year. Most bonds do not have variable interest. The interest computed on each bond is based on the current coupon rate applied to the bond. The payment may go up if the coupon rate increases in the future.