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Assessed value from:   to:     Tax Rate:

  • From the dropdown menu, pick the civic association report you want to display on the table.
  • Choose the year of the assessment to display.
  • Choose the type of building. The 7 categories up to comprise multiple categories below. For example "2---General Commercial" consists of all categories below with the first digit "2".
  • Choose the minimum and maximum assessed value for properties you'd like to display.
  • Choose the exemption type (if any). By default, all properties are displayed. You can select all non-exempt properties or any category of exemption.
  • Choose a real estate tax rate to estimate the tax burden at that year's assessed value. Note: this number is just an estimate and should not be used for any official purposes.
  • Properties with $0 assessments are not shown.
  • The real estate tax is just an estimate. For 2017, the real estate tax tool on Arlington Analytics overestimates the actual, official county-wide real estate revenue by about one percent.
  • This over-estimate could be due to a number of factors including, but not limited to, completed constructions. New constructions, whose assessment is listed as the final property value, are taxed at the prorated amount of the previous assessment for the time that the construction was incomplete.
  • Data sources: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 assessments; property list; civic boundaries on Arlington Open Data webpage.